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Tips and help

What estate agent fee do I enter in the calculator?

What estate agent fee do I enter in the calculator?

Estate agent fees range from 0.9% to 3.6% of the property’s sale price, depending on the services provided. Check with local agents for their fees and enter the figure into an estate agent fee calculator.

For an approximate estimation without specific quotes, consider using 1.5% (excluding VAT) for properties outside London, and 2% (excluding VAT) for properties within London.

How can I reduce estate agent fees?

  1. Negotiate: Estate agents may be open to negotiating their fees, so consider making a counter offer.
  2. Online estate agents: Online agents typically charge fixed fees rather than a percentage of the sale price, offering a cost-effective alternative due to the similar workload involved in selling properties of varying prices.

  3. Direct sales to cash buyers: Bypassing estate agents can save fees if you have a cash buyer ready. At Property Rescue, we can buy your house with cash in as little as 48 hours.

Do I need an estate agent?

Estate agents specialise in marketing homes and navigating sales, but their services are unnecessary if you’ve already found a buyer. For a streamlined sale without commission, Property Rescue purchases homes directly through simple, fast offers.

Are estate agent fees fair?

Estate agent fees often reach thousands of pounds, but the rates can seem disproportionate to the actual work involved in modern sales. If you’re going down the traditional sales route, instructing an estate agent can be beneficial as they oversee the process. But there are alternatives for selling your home, which has caused many to question the validity of estate agent fees.

What factors influence estate agent fees?

Location, property type, market conditions and the chosen service package all impact estate agent fees. An agent’s fees tend to be higher in London vs outside of the capital. Also, for more expensive properties, agents might negotiate lower percentages for higher overall commissions. Seasonal demand also impacts fees, with potential discounts during quieter periods. Comparing quotes from multiple agents is a smart way to find the best service and fee structure for your needs.

How do estate agents compare to property buying companies?

  • Speed: Property buying companies often complete purchases within days, offering a faster alternative to the traditional three to six month-long process through estate agents.

  • Fees: Unlike estate agents, who charge a percentage of the sale price, property buying companies absorb all typical seller fees to offer a cost-effective solution despite purchasing below market value.

  • Guaranteed sale: Sales through estate agents can fall through, while property buying companies provide a guaranteed purchase.

  • Property condition: Property buying companies accept properties in any condition, contrasting with the potentially challenging market sales of some property-types through agents.

  • Integrity: Reputable property buying companies, such as Property Rescue, commit to the initial offered price. Unlike many buyers on the open market, we don’t practise last-minute reductions.

For a hassle-free and professional direct cash sale, choose a company like Property Rescue. We’re recognised for our integrity and high TrustPilot ratings as a reliable alternative to the traditional estate agent route that can take the stress away from selling a property and buy your home fast.