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Here at Property Rescue, we understand that some customers may need an alternative approach to selling their home, especially those seeking to move into a new build property at a timescale dictated by the developer. As such, we now offer a Part Exchange Property service enabling you to free the funds tied up in your home as quickly as possible while giving you complete flexibility over the completion date.

Part Exchange Property

Part exchanging houses is traditionally seen as sellers using their existing property as a trade in value on a new development. However, many new build developers and builders are hesitant to take on some properties based on their condition, location or other negative factors.

We at Property Rescue can buy your property irrespective of condition, which will put you a step in the right direction towards purchasing your new home, and unlike most developers, we are not restricted by property type, regional boundaries or sales targets.

Accepting an offer from us on your existing home, will also allow you to act like a cash buyer when dealing with the developer, enabling you to negotiate a better price for your new build property.

With the UK’s property market struggling for consistency over the last five years, and with the country facing a severe housing shortage, new approaches needed to be devised in order to help buyers and sellers complete transactions. The UK Government have been approving and supporting the development of new properties for years, to address the supply issues facing the nation.

Part Exchange Property schemes have been offered by developers for many years to aid buyers in securing a new build property; the schemes were introduced to allow those looking to sell their existing property to use the house as a part payment on the value of the new build.

The scheme has been exceptionally successful and we at Property Rescue thought it was important that we offer our customers a Part Exchange Property service tailored to their exacting needs.

If you were to approach a developer or builder with a part exchange house proposition, they would need to arrange suitable times with yourselves to view the property, carry out surveys and assess the amount of work that may be required in order to maximise the market appeal of the property once the deal is complete.  Quite often they will simply assist by advertising your existing property on the open market, and might not provide you with the financial surety you require in order to be able to afford the new purchase.  

While this process can take a long time for some, we at Property Rescue will strive to complete Part Exchange Property in a matter of weeks, or to match the timescales of when your new property is ready. Initial contact to completion takes little time and is ideal for those looking to move quickly with ease or just looking for certainty over the price they will achieve for their current property and timescales of their onward purchase.

The concerns over condition and suchlike with your existing property aren’t issues for our team at Property Rescue. Our approach to part exchanging houses is simple; we aim to complete the deal as quickly as you need us to with minimal stress, and we will work to the exact timescale that you require. We are completely flexible.

The value of your existing property doesn’t necessarily need to match the value of a new property as our Part Exchange Property service can be used to release equity and generate the funds for a higher mortgage deposit as an alternative to a direct exchange. This is obviously dependent on the amount of equity in your current home.

Those who have struggled to secure low deposit mortgages will find it far easier to obtain finance on a new home when a higher deposit is being offered.  Monthly repayments will also be much lower on a high deposit mortgage making Part Exchanging Property a great option for those who have struggled for approval in the past.

Of course! Our Part Exchange Property service will put you in touch with developers, builders or even other sellers if that’s what you need us to do. We tailor every part of our service to our customer’s needs and Part Exchanging Houses is all about ensuring that the customer has a home to move into upon completing the sale of their existing property.

We have access to a portfolio of properties for you to peruse and we’re certain we can find the right property for you when your Part Exchange Property deal is completed.

The traditional buying and selling methods are no longer such viable options in the current climate. Properties can sit on the market for months, even years at a time, meaning you could lose out on your dream home if it comes to market before you have managed to sell your current property.

Many people simply cannot afford to keep their homes on the open market for extended periods of time and here at Property Rescue we understand there is a need for fast Property Exchanges – we can complete an exchange in minimal time with minimal stress to you.

Most importantly, we can work to the timescales of the developer to ensure that you have the funds ready for when you need to complete the purchase of your new build home.

By utilising our innovative take on the Part Exchange Property process you will be able to quickly secure the purchase of your new build property and avoid the risk of losing out on your dream home.  There are no chains and you will have complete flexibility to work around the completion date of your new home.  It is not uncommon for developers to push back the completion date, possibly a few times, and we will work with you around the final date.  

In addition, we at Property Rescue have always offered our customers aftercare services such as assistance with relocation and removals.  We make you an offer and guarantee the price, but we’ll also help you find your new home and we can liaise directly with the developer who you are buying your new home from.  We can arrange for the sale proceeds from your existing property to be paid by your solicitor straight to the developer.  We won’t press you to complete the deal until you’re happy with the process in its entirety – we never pressure our customers and everything can be completed at your own discretion.

It couldn’t be easier to get the ball rolling with your part exchange. Simply call Property Rescue on 020 8634 0224 or request a call back via our website’s ‘Get In Touch’ page and we’ll call you at your requested time.

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