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Why selling your house fast solves bad tenant problems

Being a landlord comes with its fair share of challenges, and having a bad tenant is one of the most stressful. Whether they’re consistently late with the rent, causing damage to your property, or simply proving difficult to communicate with, such tenants can quickly become a landlord’s nightmare.

In these cases, selling your house fast can offer an effective solution to issues. This approach allows you to swiftly convert your property into cash, eliminating the headaches of dealing with problematic tenants in the process. It also ensures a quick end to ongoing rental disputes, saving you from the hassle of lengthy eviction processes that are not only time-consuming but can also be emotionally draining.

Where the tenant eviction process can often be complex and lengthy due to stringent laws protecting tenant rights, selling your house becomes an even more appealing option. It provides immediate financial relief and offers a fresh start, free from the burdens of problematic tenants.

How does Property Rescue help?

Property Rescue is your ally when you need to sell your house quickly. We buy properties directly, allowing you to bypass the traditional, time-consuming selling process. Whether you’re dealing with bad tenants, financial difficulties, or other challenges, we aim to exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours. Our service includes assisting with mortgage payoffs and other debts, and we even offer a cash advance once contracts are exchanged, providing immediate relief and peace of mind.

Here’s how it works

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We’ll begin the process of purchasing your property so the cash can be with you in no time. We’ll manage the full process and guarantee you a stress-free sale.

Alternative ways to solve bad tenant problems

When dealing with problematic tenants, landlords often face challenges that can be stressful and time-consuming. However, there are several alternative methods to regain control of your property.

One such method is through a Section 8 eviction. This is used when a tenant has breached the terms of the rental agreement, such as failing to pay rent or causing damage to the property. You’ll need to serve a Section 8 notice detailing the grounds for eviction, but be aware that the tenant can contest this, potentially leading to a court hearing.

Another option is a Section 21 eviction, often referred to as a ‘no fault’ eviction. This allows landlords to evict tenants at the end of their tenancy term without providing a reason. It’s a useful tool if you simply wish to regain possession of your property, but it requires giving the tenant a notice period of at least two months.

There are other types of eviction as well, including ones for antisocial behaviour or illegal activity. Each type of eviction has specific legal requirements and processes, and it’s important to follow these to avoid complications.

If you’re looking for a faster and potentially less contentious route, you might consider offering a ‘cash for keys’ deal. This involves paying your tenant to leave the property voluntarily. While this may seem counterintuitive, it can often be a cost-effective solution when considering the time and money spent on formal eviction processes.

Benefits of selling your home to Property Rescue

Selling a house with problematic tenants to Property Rescue offers a seamless and efficient solution. We specialise in facilitating swift sales in challenging situations, including those caused by bad tenants.

Our streamlined process enables you to avoid the stress and uncertainties typically associated with selling a tenant-occupied property while alleviating the burden of having the property on the rental market. Plus, our expert team provides dedicated support at every step, ensuring a smooth transition during this challenging time.

  • Secure a sale, fast. Sell your property with Property Rescue, and you can exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours.
  • A timeline that suits you. We offer a fast, guaranteed sale tailored to your unique circumstances, helping you to swiftly resolve your tenant issues with minimal hassle.
  • Guaranteed sale. Once our cash offer is accepted and an independent survey has been conducted, the sale is guaranteed. No risk of the sale falling through due to tenant-related complications.
  • No hidden costs. Say goodbye to typical property sale fees, like agent commissions, EPC acquisition, and even legal fees. We’ve got it covered.
  • A hassle-free process. Skip the typical hurdles of a property sale when you choose Property Rescue, from prolonged delays to complicated jargon.
  • No upfront costs. Don’t worry about preparing your property for  sale. We’ll buy your home, regardless of its current condition or tenant situation.


Get to 'sold' with no waiting

Sell your home with Property Rescue and we'll exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours, meaning you can move within days!

A timeline that suits you

With Property Rescue, you get a speedy sale, guaranteed. We'll even loop in with your onward purchase to ensure a move that's seamless and hassle-free.

Guaranteed sale

Once you accept our cash offer and an independent home survey is carried out, the sale is guaranteed. That means you can sleep easy, knowing there's no risk of a chain collapse or of the sale falling through.

Absolutely no hidden costs

Forget the usual property fees associated with a move. Unlike a traditional sale, there are no estate agent fees or EPC costs when you sell with Property Rescue. We'll even cover the legal fees.

Hassle-free process

From complicated legal jargon to months of delays - sell your home with Property Rescue and sidestep the usual property sale pain-points.

Nothing to shell out before selling

We promise to buy your property, whatever the condition. No need to spend money on any repairs or renovations.

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Sell to Property Rescue for a swift, hassle-free process. We specialise in quick sales, can exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours, and handle all costs, making the process seamless.

Property Rescue buys a wide range of properties, regardless of condition or tenant situation. This includes detached, semi-detached, terraced houses and flats, among others, anywhere in England and Wales.

We operate with speed and efficiency. We can exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours and work on a timeline tailored to your needs for a swift property sale.

The amount you’ll receive depends on your property’s market value, which we determine through an independent survey. Rest assured, we aim to offer a competitive and fair price.

You can speak to us at any time, but it’s particularly beneficial when facing urgent situations like dealing with bad tenants, financial difficulties, or needing a fast sale.

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