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What are homes in poor condition and disrepair?

Homes in poor condition and disrepair are properties with significant structural or aesthetic issues that may affect their livability or market value. These issues can range from minor cosmetic problems, such as peeling paint or outdated fixtures, to major structural concerns, like a damaged roof or foundation. 

Other common problems include outdated electrical or plumbing systems, water damage, mould growth or even pest infestations. Homes in poor condition or disrepair often require substantial investment in renovations to make them safe, comfortable and appealing to potential buyers. 

However, selling a home in poor condition can be challenging, as many buyers prefer properties that are move-in ready. Moreover, mortgage providers are often reluctant to lend on properties that require extensive repairs and need lots of work.

How selling your house fast can help

When your house is in poor condition or disrepair, selling it fast can be a lifeline. Traditional property sales can be challenging in these cases, as buyers often prefer homes that are move-in ready but making necessary repairs or renovations can be costly and time-consuming.

This is where Property Rescue provides a valuable solution. We specialise in buying properties quickly, regardless of their condition. Whether it’s structural issues, outdated systems or cosmetic problems, we offer a guaranteed cash offer and eliminate the need for you to invest in costly repairs.

Even better, we can exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours with the aim of providing immediate financial relief. Property Rescue helps you sell your home fast and bypass the usual hurdles so you can move forward with your plans, even if your property is in poor condition or in disrepair.

Here’s how it works

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We’ll begin the process of purchasing your property so the cash can be with you in no time. We’ll manage the full process and guarantee you a stress-free sale.

Alternative ways to deal with a property in disrepair

Refurbishing your property can increase its appeal and potentially provide a significant boost to its market value. But renovations can be costly and time-consuming, with no guarantee of a return on investment. You may also face delays or unexpected issues during the refurbishment process, prolonging the sale and leading to more stress and hassle.

Selling at auction can be a quick solution for a home in poor condition or disrepair, with the potential for competitive bidding to increase the price. Yet, there’s no guarantee of a sale or that you’ll achieve your desired price. Additionally, you’ll need to pay auctioneer fees, which can impact profit. Beyond that, the process can be unpredictable and stressful, especially if you’re in a hurry to sell and don’t get the desired outcome. 

Benefits of selling your home to Property Rescue

Choosing Property Rescue to buy your house in poor condition or disrepair provides a quick, efficient and stress-free solution for selling your home. We specialise in expediting the sales process in challenging situations, including those involving properties that require significant repairs or renovations.

Our streamlined process allows you to bypass the stress and uncertainties typically associated with selling a property in disrepair, eliminating the burden of costly renovations or prolonged time on the market. Our expert team is on hand to offer dedicated support throughout to ensure a smooth transition during this significant life change.

  • Experience a swift sale. With Property Rescue, you can achieve a ‘sold’ status without the typical wait, exchanging contracts in as little as 48 hours.
  • Customised timeline. We offer a fast, guaranteed sale that’s tailored to your unique circumstances so you can move forward swiftly with minimal disruption.
  • Guaranteed sale. Once our cash offer is accepted and an independent survey is completed, the sale is guaranteed. There’s no risk of the sale falling through due to unforeseen issues.
  • Transparent pricing. Say goodbye to typical property sale expenses, such as agent fees, EPC acquisition and even legal costs. We take care of everything.
  • Simplified process. Avoid the usual hurdles of a property sale when you opt for Property Rescue, from lengthy delays to complex terminology.
  • No upfront costs. Don’t worry about getting ready to sell your property. We’ll buy your home in its current condition, regardless of the extent of disrepair.

Get to 'sold' with no waiting

Sell your home with Property Rescue and we'll exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours, meaning you can move within days!

A timeline that suits you

With Property Rescue, you get a speedy sale, guaranteed. We'll even loop in with your onward purchase to ensure a move that's seamless and hassle-free.

Guaranteed sale

Once you accept our cash offer and an independent home survey is carried out, the sale is guaranteed. That means you can sleep easy, knowing there's no risk of a chain collapse or of the sale falling through.

Absolutely no hidden costs

Forget the usual property fees associated with a move. Unlike a traditional sale, there are no estate agent fees or EPC costs when you sell with Property Rescue. We'll even cover the legal fees.

Hassle-free process

From complicated legal jargon to months of delays - sell your home with Property Rescue and sidestep the usual property sale pain-points.

Nothing to shell out before selling

We promise to buy your property, whatever the condition. No need to spend money on any repairs or renovations.

What our customers say

Poor condition and disrepair FAQ

Property Rescue offers a swift, hassle-free sale process and eliminates uncertainties to provide immediate financial relief, regardless of your situation.

Property Rescue purchases all kinds of properties, from residential to commercial buildings and tenanted or vacant homes.

Property Rescue can speed up the sale process, with the potential to exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours.

We offer a competitive cash offer based on an independent survey of your property, ensuring a fair deal.

You can reach out to us at any time. Our team is always ready to provide a free, no-obligation consultation.

No, we buy properties in any condition. You don’t need to worry about repairs or renovations before selling.

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