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What is the market value of my house?

To learn the market value of your home, simply enter a few details into the form above and let our technology calculate its value for you. Our property value calculator is 100% free to use, and the results are extremely accurate and up-to-date based on current market conditions.

The form takes 10-seconds, and you’ll get your free house valuation where you’ll learn the current market value of your home instantly.


How quickly will I receive my property valuation?

The form takes less than 10-seconds to fill in. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll instantly tell you how much your home is worth.

How accurate will my free property valuation be?

When tested against independent human home valuations, Property Rescue’s property valuation calculator benchmarked less than 4% difference in valuation price. This means that the valuation you get from our online property valuation calculator will be extremely accurate vs other online property valuation tools. The valuation we deliver in this tool is the current, unadjusted market value of the property.

Are human house valuations more accurate than online valuations?

Human home surveyors will visit your house, so they can take into account things like property condition and fixtures. Most online valuation calculators can’t know the recent inner condition of your home. Our house valuation tool roughly gauges condition based on the property’s age, past sale prices, occupancy history for the most accurate online valuation. It’s worth noting that even human valuations can vary between different surveyors. For example, estate agents sometimes over-value homes because they want the owners to sell. If you decide to get a human property survey, be sure to hire an independent RICS surveyor for a non-biased valuation.

How does Property Rescue’s free property valuation tool work?

Our free property valuation calculator uses data science to look at over 2 trillion data points from more than 200 different data sources (public, private and proprietary) to estimate the current market value of your residential property with unparalleled accuracy.

The technology that we use to give you your free online house evaluation is the very same technology that’s used by major banks and other mortgage lenders, as well as by home insurance companies. If they trust the tech, you can too.