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7% Can’t Afford to Move Out After a Break Up

Splitting up from a spouse or partner is never a nice experience, even if you can both move on with your lives.

However, things could be even worse if you have to live together after the divorce, which is the case for some seven percent of the population (3.6 million people).

Research from Shelter, reported by Daily Mail, revealed that money problems mean that in many cases, one or both sides of a couple cannot afford to move out – leaving them in limbo. This leads to strained living arrangements where arguing is common or, in some cases, even silence and an awkward atmosphere.

Speaking to the newspaper, Denise White, who split up from her husband two years ago after 20 years of marriage, explained that they are still living together with their two sons.

“Adrian was my childhood sweetheart, but over the years, we grew apart until all we did was argue. My nine-year-old is currently sharing a double bed with my ex-husband,” she explained.

Because neither she nor her ex Adrian could afford to move out, they took turns sleeping on the settee.

“Adrian and I can go months without speaking to each other, but it’s better than when we were arguing and shouting. At first, he was on the sofa, but after six months, he said he’d had enough and wanted the bedroom. I tried the sofa, but it was agony for my back, so I asked Duvall to share a room with his dad, and I am in his room,” added Denise.

With the housing market in its current shape, separated partners are faced with a tough decision over paying high monthly rents or saving up for a deposit for a new abode. Some people move back with their parents or are forced into sharing with a friend after a break-up as they look to get back on their feet and sell their house fast.

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