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Selling a House in December: How it Will Affect the Sale?

December brings festive cheers and a reason to be merry, but is it a good time to sell your home? 

Are people doing a different type of Christmas shopping, one that involves buying bricks and mortar? Or is viewing properties the last thing anyone wants to do at this time of year? Here, we look at whether selling your house in December is a good idea and how it might affect the sale.

Is December a good month to sell your home?

Historically, December isn’t a good month to sell a property. Many people turn their attention towards Christmas and the New Year, with the idea of viewing, making offers and going through the process of buying a property perched very much in the back of their minds. After all, it takes an average of 55 days, depending on the property type and location. Most people tend to wait until the new year to begin house hunting, using December as a month to rest and celebrate. This causes the property market to slow down considerably during December and indeed, November too.

According to Rightmove, December is the second poorest month in the year to sell a property, with November being the first. It’s generally considered that October is the cut-off month for high demand in the property market. Many buyers will not want to be dealing with a house purchase over Chirstmas. Buyers want to enjoy Christmas peacefully in one home, and not in transition mode.

Even if you wanted to sell a house in December, most services, such as conveyancers and estate agents, that you would rely on for the sale to move along, would be winding down before Christmas. And during Christmas week, these services may be completely closed. Because of this, if your property is on the market over the festive period, its will likely extend the time to receive an offer and therefor risk your property becoming ‘stale’.

Reasons to be cheerful about selling in December 

Okay, so on the face of it, December looks like a tricky month to sell property. It’s not all bad news, however. Here are some reasons to be cheerful about the prospect of selling a home in December. 

Only serious buyers

House hunters on the market at this time of year are super serious about buying, meaning that the demand might be lower, but the intent is higher. If one of these buyers lays eyes on your property, they will likely be eager to do a deal and get things moving swiftly. 

Boxing day madness

Every year, Rightmove observes a significant uptick in site traffic immediately following Christmas. The desire to relocate or purchase an initial home intensifies as people focus on the forthcoming year and begin to strategize. Remarkably, over 51 million visits to Rightmove were recorded from Boxing Day to the first official workday of the new year. Having your house already listed on the market at this time of year can present an excellent opportunity for your property to capture the attention of prospective buyers straight after Christmas.

Reaching new markets

The festive season often brings family and friends to different regions, providing a chance for potential buyers to explore relocation options beyond their current neighbourhood. Therefore, if you’re contemplating whether to remove your property from listings in December, consider that you might lose out on this influx of visitors who could be scouting the local housing market.

People have more time off over the holidays

It’s easy to assume that the busy holiday season might deter potential buyers from viewing your home. It’s worth considering, however, that the festive period also brings more leisure time for many. This extra time off work allows prospective buyers to peruse property apps, envision their ideal home aesthetics, and even arrange property viewings.

Tips for selling in December

If you do decide that there’s no time like the present and you need to sell your house in December, there are a few actions you can take. These will give you the best shot of selling your home during one of the quietest periods of the year. 

Use the weather to your advantage

When selling your home in December, it’s worth noting that the gloomy winter weather might not showcase your property in its best light. To counter this, create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside to appeal to buyers seeking a cosy retreat. Additionally, scheduling viewings during daylight hours is advisable, so potential buyers can fully appreciate both the interior and the garden in natural light.

Be super organised

Keep in mind that as you prepare for Christmas, so are the professionals you’ll need for your house sale. If you’re selling in December, secure a conveyancer early on and enquire about their holiday schedule. Knowing their availability over the festive period will be helpful. Additionally, if you’re looking to purchase a property, it’s wise to consult a mortgage broker promptly to discuss your options and initiate the process without delay.

Keep an eye on the temperature

Maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere is important when showcasing your property. A well-heated home not only offers a pleasant viewing experience but also serves as a testament to the efficiency of your heating system. This can be a subtle indicator to potential buyers of the potential energy costs associated with the property. Ensure your home feels welcoming by having your heating running in advance of viewings. Remember to activate any radiators that are usually off, such as those in less frequently used rooms, to demonstrate the full capacity of your home’s heating capabilities.

How can I sell my home in December quickly?

If you’re not keen on selling in slow traditional market during one of the quietest times of the year, there are other options, such as selling directly to a fast property buying company like Property Rescue.

Property Rescue is as busy as ever during the December market lull, offering a swift and assured property sale process in as little as 7 days (or at a timescale that best suits you). When the festive season brings a slowdown, our efficient service bypasses the usual delays. 

We provide a guaranteed cash offer, eliminating the wait for buyer mortgages approvals or the risk of chain collapses. This means sellers can proceed with their plans without being hindered by the seasonal dip in buyer activity and forgo viewings altogether.

Our streamlined approach means your sale isn’t left out in the cold, making it an ideal solution for anyone needing a quick and reliable sale during the festive period.

Summary: ‘Tis the season

The December property market isn’t ideal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a swift sale at this time of year. This is especially true when using Property Rescue, so why not get an instant, hassle-free quote with zero obligations? This holiday season, the gift of a successful property transaction could be the best present under your tree.

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