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Two Bed Terraced Home In Weatherfield: The Cost of Soap’s Most Famous Home

We all know how hard it is to buy and sell a home, in fact it’s partly why we exist at Property Rescue. To make it easier for you to sell your property.

One place where it’s never an issue however is Soapland. People are coming and going from homes so frequently, with all properties so highly desirable.

Which is just a little bit surprising. Crime levels in the area are often high. Murders are prominent, and it’s almost guaranteed your partner will have an affair with someone just a few doors down. Heck, a tram may even crash through your front window!

But how much does it cost to buy a home on the likes of Coronation Street or Albert Square? We take a look at the prices of property in the UK’s favourite soaps…

Ken Barlow’s Home

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Ken Barlow put his house up for sale. He must be sick of Tracey and Peter, while Daniel almost killed him there just few months ago. If it was to go on the market, Barlow’s house would cost approximately £145,000.

The terrace is close to a local pub and corner shop, while Fresco supermarket is just around the corner along with local park the Red Wreck. It’s also a commutable distance into Manchester, perfect for those working in the city. Although, you’ll probably just get a job in the pub or the factory.

Ian Beale’s Terraced Home

It’d likely mean death if Ian Beale’s terraced home on Albert Square was to ever go up for sale. The local business owner has lived there since 1985 and will have seen the cost spiral significantly.

Today his home would be worth almost half a million pounds, although if you were to buy it, it does mean moving across the road from perhaps the loudest pub on the planet.

We’re not quite show how the Eastenders’ characters can afford the rent on their plush homes. Apart from Phil, the landlord probably pays him.

Dot Cotton’s House

Dot’s house is probably one of the nicest across Coronation Street and Eastenders. The Victorian 3 bedroom house is within walking distance of the market and London Underground and would cost a staggering £875,000.

We reckon Dot should get away from the stress of Walford and enjoy that money in her final years.

Eric Pollard’s Farm

As you see, plenty has gone on in Eric Pollard’s home, but you can’t beat the beautiful setting of the Yorkshire Dales.

It’s no surprise the house as shot up in value over the last few years, with many wanting to get out of town and enjoy the countryside in their spare time. When the soap first began, it would have likely been worth around £65,000. Today if it went on the market you’d be paying almost £350,000.

It is a sturdy structure though and it’s survived flooding, a plane crash, and lots of other crazy goings on at 7pm every weekday evening.


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