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5 Reasons to Take Your Home off the Open Market

The open market was once the only way to guarantee your home would be sold. Estate Agents worked tirelessly to advertise and sell your home to the highest bidder because they were employed to do so. Now, things are very different as the open market is now a minefield of added costs, commission, and legal fees that take all of the profit out of your house sale.

Here are five reasons to take your home off the open market – ASAP!

The Hidden Costs

These costs needn’t actually be called hidden costs any longer as they are explained to every seller as soon as they commit to listing their home. When you think that you’ll be paying, out of your sale price: the listing/advertising fees, agents’ commission fees, legal fees, assessment/survey costs, and final settlement costs on the whole process you begin to realise just how little you’ll make from selling your property.

Far less than you first imagined?

No Guarantees

If you are looking to sell anything you own, you want assurances that it will sell within a reasonable time frame – can’t be too much to ask, can it?

Well, on the open market it seems it is too much to ask. Property is now spending an average of 6-8 months on the market before a sale is completed. Bear in mind that is an AVERAGE! How long are you willing to wait?

Time Wasters

When you sell a car, a potential buyer who reneges on their interest is called a tyre kicker – we all know that. So why is there no name for those who view properties simply because they are being nosy? Threshold kickers seem appropriate.

No matter how vigilant you think you or your agent are being – time wasters will arrange bookings on your property. Save yourself the hassle!

Aggressive Negotiations

Shopping in a supermarket is very much like the open property market – lots of interesting things are thrust in front of you with emboldened price tags attached to them.

However, in the supermarket you can’t make a lower offer to the checkout attendant for the goods in your trolley – so why do buyers think it’s appropriate to make a lower offer for your property? You want a guaranteed amount for your home, not the nearest offer!

There’s a Better Way

With everything considered, the open market is expensive; the process takes a long time with no guarantees and you’ll be inundated with unacceptable offers and time wasters.

Consider the facts. Property Rescue offer guaranteed cash sums, in far less time with no time wasted whatsoever.

Another way? A better way more like.

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