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The very British garden shed understated asset when it comes to adding value to a home

There a number of things that are known to bump up the value of a property from school catchment areas to second bathrooms to loft conversions to name a few. However, it has now been suggested that the very British garden shed is able to add value to a home. Gardening has long been one of Britain’s favorite pastimes and now, the garden shed is said to be proving popular with many buyers.

House hunters viewing properties have a growing appetite for outdoor space with some 37% of people in the UK now spending more time in their garden than they did in five years ago. Research suggests that having the right kind of garden features can add up to 20% to the price. When asked what garden features would add the most value to a home, 82% of estate agents, property professionals and garden designers surveyed said a respectable sized garden shed. In second place was good quality paving and patios with 76% of claiming this whilst 72% stated that secure boundaries such as fencing, walls and gates were most important. The lowest ranking garden feature was artificial lawns with just 40% estimating that this would help to add value to a home.

Essentially, gardens have become an extension of living space and many prospective buyers have varying aspirations as to how they wish to use the garden space. Though one thing that is certain, regardless of how they intend to use garden space, buyers have become really fascinated with outdoor space over the last three to five years. With this in mind, those looking to sell or rent should keep their garden up to date and carry out any necessary renovations or refurbishments before viewings to help boost the appeal and value of their home.

Understandably, many looking to sell or rent out their property may have qualms about renovating their garden as they presume it to be a costly expensive, however, there are ways to maximize your garden’s potential by being cost effective as possible. It is best to opt for light changes as opposed to drastic ones, though this is dependent on the current condition of the garden – it is best to bear in mind that a lavish garden does not automatically equate to added value. If a garden is dominated by features to the point where the majority of the space is occupied, it is hard for potential buyers to envisage their own stamp on the place.

Prospective occupiers don’t necessarily desire water features and an array of attractive plants but rather, privacy and safety. Thus, you are far better to invest in a sturdy fence than water fountain. Additionally, storage space is always a plus so sheds are one of the biggest understated assets out there. Paving is also a top attraction particularly for family properties as it is the ideal platform for outdoor furniture and fixtures.

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