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Homes of the rich & famous.

Today think celebrity and you’ll think of the cars, the glamorous partners, names up in lights, and of course the multi-million pound homes.

Over the years celebrity houses have been sold for extraordinary sums. They’ve been built for even more. Giant 25,000-square-feet homes, with every room imaginable. Putting to shame the Earls and Lords whom once owned the finest residences in the land.

Homes of the Rich & Famous

Kim Kardashian
Even for Kim Kardashian and controversial rap-star and professional headline grabber Kanye West, $21million isn’t exactly pocket change, but they’ve certainly got their money’s worth with this stunning 16,000-square-foot home in Hidden Hills, California.
Not only does it have multiple swimming pools, a pool room, and eight ample bedrooms, it also has its own vineyard. Which is perfect for Kanye, who always enjoys a good wine.
The couple recently added a huge play area for North West to accompany the theatre, games room, and private sauna and steam room for the parents.

Justin Bieber
With circular walls, soaring steel beams, and an elevator, Justin Biebers pad is almost as crazy as the famed pop star himself.
With a seven-car garage and over 6,500 square feet of living space, it’s the life of luxury for the 21-year-old, who regularly entertains his celebrity friends at the $60,000-per-month mansion.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the LA property has six bedrooms and a courtyard and pool perfect for the Eenie Meenie singer’s endless hosting.

Cristiano Ronaldo
He’s one of the world’s biggest footballers whose rivalry with Lionel Messi is renowned across the globe. And when it comes to his $7.2million mansion in Madrid, it’s certainly a case of anything you can do I can do better.
Naturally, his initials are decorated throughout the seven-bedroom house which also includes eight bathrooms, a children’s playroom, and naturally a pretty large trophy room.
What’s more the exclusive VIP estate is also home to Gareth Bale and Penelope Cruz, so he’s in good company.

Hugh Hefner
Aside from Buckingham Palace and the White House, the Playboy Mansion could be the most recognisable homes on the planet.
Rather than home to a head-of-state, the 21,987 square foot mansion is home to infamous businessman Hugh Hefner and has over 70 staff operating inside.
The Gothic-Tudor style mansion has 22 bedrooms and numerous snugs and games rooms, that’s not to mention a huge cinema room and swimming pool which has seen many, many parties.

David Beckham
Famed for his Beckingham Palace home in Hertfordshire, the sporting icon recently ditched the Georgian style house for a £31.5million London mansion.
They’ve recently spent an added £5million renovating the home in Kensington to add a gym and wine cellar, as well as rooms for manicures, make-up, and Victoria’s extensive shoe collection.
The house, sees the first floor belong entirely to the famous couple with a huge master bedroom and bathroom, with the children taking up the second floor. On top of that, there’s also has a secret access tunnel which will take the family to a second property without being seen.

Jude Law
Hollywood actor and international playboy Jude Law counts George Michael as a next-door neighbour as well as having Kate Moss and Sting just a few doors down from the £15million North London home.
He originally bought the Grade II Georgian property back in 2008 with ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller, but has since turned it into the ultimate bachelor pad, with a gym, art studio, and library with pink neon lights.
The seven-bedroom property also benefits from two family bathrooms, two shower rooms, and a roof terrace as well as a walled west-facing garden, where him and George probably stand and have a chat over a cup of tea.

Jay Z and Beyonce
They’re the hottest couple in Celeb-world and worth over $1billion combined. They’re latest extravagant purchase is this $2.6million New Orleans Spanish Baroque mansion.
Built in 1925, the home is an impressive 13,292-square-feet and located on Harmony Street, just a few miles from Downtown. The 22-room house named La Case de Castile has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, as well conveniently being around the corner from Beyonce’s sister Solange and her boutique.
The building once served as the Westminster Presbyterian Church and later a ballet studio, although there’ll no doubt be plenty more dancing going on inside with it now home to music’s power couple.

Robbie Williams
On a leafy crescent near Holland Park there’s a sort of musical super-group developing. In one home resides Jimmy Page, Bill Wyman’s restaurant is just a stone’s throw away, and Robbie Williams’ £17.5million mansion lies centre of attention, like the former Take That man himself.
The property has a staggering 46 rooms, seven bathrooms, and private cinema, and that’s not to mention 3,400 lightbulbs.
Named Woodland House, the 19th-century mansion was home to British director and restaurant critic Michael Winner for 65 years, previously being owned by painter Sir Like Fildes.

Madonna collects London homes like she’s playing Monopoly and owns six in the British capital. The finest is perhaps her 10-bedroom Georgian townhouse in Marylebone. Back in 2007 she bought the house with then husband Guy Ritchie for £6million, and faced stiff competition for the house from Jennifer Saunders and Mario Testino who were both interested in the place.
The house has six floors and includes an artist’s studio and still includes many of its original features. The Like A Prayer star also owns two other properties in the area, with two mews cottages close by, dominating the area just like she has the charts.

Tom Cruise
East Grinstead. It’s not the sort of place you’d associate with Hollywood. The small town in West Sussex has a population of less than 24,000, except one of those 24,000 is Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise.
The A-lister purchased the £2.5million property back in 2006 and offers an indoor swimming pool, sports pavilion and six bedrooms.
It’s no real surprise Cruise purchased in the area with it being the headquarters of UK Scientology, a passion of Cruise’s alongside saving

the world in action-packed movies.Today think celebrity and you’ll think of the cars, the glamorous partners, names up in lights, and of course the multi-million pound homes.
Over the years celebrity houses have been sold for extraordinary sums. They’ve been built for even more. Giant 25,000-square-feet homes, with every room imaginable. Putting to shame the Earls and Lords whom once owned the finest residences in the land.

The stately homes have been bought out by rock stars, large townhouses taken over by chat show hosts and movie stars, and mansions in the Hamptons occupied by Hollywood’s hottest couples.

The celebrity home has always captured the imagination of the general public. Of course before the days of television and lifestyle magazines, that lied with the gentry and royalty. Intrigued by what goes on behind closed doors, we’re constantly dumbfounded by the £20 million holiday homes, and the huge cinema rooms which go with it.

At Property Rescue, we’ve collated some of the hottest celebrity homes on the planet, taking you on a whistle-stop tour of dwellings with dance studios, sports pavilions, and a dozen Playboy bunnies.

Of course these homes are worth millions of pounds. A six-bedroom house in the small town of East Grinstead sold for £2.5million to Vanilla Sky star Tom Cruise, whilst Jude Law has recently splashed out £15million London townhouse in the heart of celeb hotspot Hampstead.

Areas such as Hampstead have become renowned for famous faces with the likes of George Michael, James Cordon, and Ricky Gervais all residing in the area, whilst over in New York and Los Angeles, the areas of The Hamptons and Malibu are the neighbourhoods of choice.

Giving us the chance to visit the areas without the 11 hour flight, click your way through the homes of the world’s most famous faces and discover what’s behind the modern designs, ultra-high-tech, super homes.

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