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How Many Viewings are Needed Sell a House? (UK Average)

Selling a home can be an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking experience. Among the myriad questions buzzing around, one that stands out is how many viewings it takes to sell a house. 5, 10, 20? Or just one? Here, we look into how many viewings a vendor might expect before selling their house. 

How many viewings does it take to sell a house?

The UK average number of viewings before a house gets an offer is 10. This figure comes from our own data. We buy and sell hundreds of UK homes each year. It’s worth noting that this is the average and the reality can deviate based on several factors:

  • The asking price
  • The location
  • The condition

The location of the property often plays a central role, with homes in sought-after areas potentially selling faster. 

The asking price and condition of the house are equally impactful – competitively priced, well-maintained homes may attract offers sooner. Perhaps most importantly, local market dynamics also influence the number of viewings needed: a seller’s market could see multiple viewings, while a buyer’s market can reduce the number significantly.. 

All in all, it’s not uncommon to get viewings in the ten range, but it all really depends on the conditions of the market you operate in. 

How many viewings should I expect in the first week?

The first week of a new listing often creates excitement, attracting a fair amount of interest from potential buyers. It’s typical to have around three to five viewings during this period. In a seller’s market, however, where the demand significantly outweighs supply, the number of viewings can see a noticeable uptick. 

Early momentum generated by the fresh listing may be a precursor to a swift sale, particularly if the property is well-positioned in a hot market. This initial flurry of viewings is not just a chance for potential buyers to explore your home but also an opportunity for you to gauge the market’s response and adjust your selling strategy accordingly.

If you get little to no viewings in the first week, it could be a red flag, so you may need to adjust the price to entice a quick sale.

How should I prepare for a viewing?

Preparing for a viewing sets the stage for a favourable first impression. Present a clean, tidy and well-lit home to potential buyers. By decluttering and depersonalising your space, you allow buyers to imagine themselves living there, which can be persuasive. 

Attending to minor repairs and perhaps applying a fresh coat of paint can significantly enhance your property’s appeal. These preparations, though seemingly simple, can impact a buyer’s perception and the overall viewing experience. This can accelerate the sale process, so think of each viewing as an opportunity to showcase your home in the best light. 

Do I conduct the viewing, or does the estate agent?

Typically, it’s the estate agent who conducts the viewing. They have the expertise to present your home and handle any questions from prospective buyers. However, if you feel confident, you might choose to do the viewing yourself.

Alternatively, you may be required to do the viewing if you’re selling through an online agent. In most cases, online agents only offer to send a professional to viewings for an additional cost. So, while you’ll almost certainly have someone conduct viewings if you use an estate agent, this may not be the case with an online agent. 

How can I get more house viewings?

In an ideal world, a few people look at your house, with one making an offer that’s in line with the asking price. But in reality, the more viewings you get, the higher the chances of selling the home. Much of marketing the property will come down to the estate agent, but there are some actions you can take. 

Promoting your home on social media can help increase the visibility of the listing. Additionally, competitive pricing and good presentation can also boost the number of viewings, especially when it comes to how the home is displayed online.

Do second viewings increase the likelihood of an offer?

Second viewings often indicate a serious interest from potential buyers. It provides them with another opportunity to explore the house, usually with a more practical perspective compared to the initial visit. 

This time around, emotions may take a backseat as buyers evaluate the practicality and suitability of the house, making them more likely to move forward with an offer. A second viewing isn’t just a step closer to a potential sale but a chance for sellers to address any concerns or questions that may help in securing an offer from interested parties.

How long does it take to sell a house?

On average, it takes up to three months to sell a house. While the viewing to offer stage is fairly quick, it’s the rest of the process that drags things out. Conveyancing is the biggest factor, and solicitors can often take weeks or even months to complete the necessary checks. 

So, while it might take days or weeks to get an offer and accept it (though it can take much longer), you’re looking at anywhere between six weeks and three months before handing the keys over the new buyer. 

Do I need viewings to sell my house?

Traditionally, hosting viewings is a vital part of the home-selling journey. But services like Property Rescue transform this process by eliminating the need for viewings altogether to accelerate the sale.

We purchase your property directly, bypassing the conventional hurdles and uncertainties tied to numerous viewings and awaiting offers. This direct approach not only expedites the sale but also provides a convenient, stress-free experience for anyone keen on a swift sale. 

Danny Nieberg

I have deep knowledge and experience in the property sector having worked in the industry for many years. I oversee several brands within our group. My experience encompasses high volume property trading, management of residential and commercial property portfolios, and property development.

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