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Nearly half of homebuyers have regrets after moving in

Some 44% of homeowners in the UK would opt against buying their home if given the choice again, according to research from home interior company

Issues with plumbing and heating was the most common reason why, cited by 59%, while
reservations about the size of the property and trouble with neighbours were cited as
reasons by 43% and 34% respectively.

Meanwhile, 29% decide that, in hindsight, they aren’t keen on the area, while 25% regret
moving quite so far away from friends and family.

Tara Hall, a spokesperson for, said: “Our homes are supposed to be the
place we feel happiest, it’s such a shame that most Britons said they wouldn’t want to buy
their home again.

“When you are buying a home you want to be completely sure you are happy with it; it’s
such a huge financial investment to be making.

“Make sure every evaluation is done so you aren’t stuck with any nasty repair bills and look up the local area to see what others are saying. Do not feel pressured into buying a home you are not sure about and don’t buy one for the sake of buying one.”

“Buying a home is probably one of the biggest and most important things you’ll do, so it’s
sad to see that so many people regret their choice afterwards. The process of buying can be
so stressful, sometimes it’s easy to feel forced into a decision, or miss key information about the house.”

Terraced house buyers were found to be most likely to regret buying their property (39%),
followed by semi-detached buyers at 29%. Meanwhile, 25% of detached buyers and 13% of
bungalow buyers wish they had looked elsewhere.

The research also revealed that pressure from family members or partners caused 56% of
homebuyers to rush into buying their current home.

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